Feature Suggestions

Cooldowns for games and a leaderboard!

These two suggestions go hand in hand I believe, the first being a cooldown for the games. People just gamble away all they want whenever they want and it has resulted in them getting a ton more coins in one day than I had first expected. It's hard to judge how expensive redeems should be when people can gamble so quickly.

The second idea is a leaderboard that is viewable by everyone in the stream! This is something I and a lot of other people loved with other loyalty services, and it creates a competitive atmosphere to make it to streams and get above their friends. The cooldowns on the minigames would make it a bit more fair in the leaderboard setting because people who get trigger happy can't just pull ahead of everyone in one minute of playing pick a card 10 times.

I would just love to see these kinds of things implemented, thanks!



  • AutumnalKitsune
  • Sep 17 2017
  • TotemRotom commented
    29 Nov, 2017 06:37am

    @AutumnalKitsune Hi there, yeah I'm with you on the Redemption cooldown time setting, definitely need that!

  • AutumnalKitsune commented
    29 Nov, 2017 04:28am

    Got the leaderboard!! Now we just need a cooldown cause redeem spamming is ANNOYING who's with me? XD