Feature Suggestions

Real observation or not? - verification


Please consider introducing an observation verification system, as your system recognizes even false observations that are given from bots.

Due to your oversight in the system, the "follow goal" bar counts fictitious observations, and I have to correct it to the correct value every few days.

Twitch himself tries to deal with it, i.e. with the observation counter, so that it does not count fictitious observations. They even do it reasonably well, but you don't.

So my conclusion to you is that you should introduce a "fake follows detection" system which, when it detects a fictitious observation, simply will not add such an observation to the counter on the "follow goal" bar.

PS .: If it is something, I can take part in the beta test of this project with pleasure.

  • MichaelGamePL
  • Jan 13 2021