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3rd Party Integrations

Deep integrations with dozens of popular third party tools such as Discord and Gamewisp, built into all your favorite Streamlabs widgets (alerts, events list, stream labels etc). You can add one widget from us, manage from one dashboard, without needing to add dozens of different widgets directly to OBS. 

  • Ali Moiz
  • Oct 31 2016
  • Shipped
  • Apr 18, 2017

    Admin Response

    I have gone ahead and merged a lot of Gamewisp related suggestions into this idea.

    Gamewisp is a 3rd party and will require the same API changes as everyone else. 

    When we have a better API in place they can implement what they need similar to how they push alerts now.

    We are currently still working on API rewrites but it is coming. Thank you, everyone, for your patience while we continue to try and build a great platform <3

  • MrMushyFox commented
    8 Jan, 2018 09:09pm

    are you ever gonna do this

  • shushia commented
    13 Oct, 2017 07:45pm

    It would be great if we could have a Streamlabs Discord bot to easily add loyalty points to users directly within a Discord server!

  • Nam Nguyen commented
    27 Sep, 2017 07:19pm

  • NateMaingard commented
    14 Sep, 2017 12:23pm

    Omigosh, I am so darn excited for Patreon!!!! I've also realised I can use a lot of streamlabs popups when streaming to Periscope with OBS. More periscope integrations would be soooooo rad!


  • Nick2693 commented
    14 Jun, 2017 11:21pm

    I know the people over at Gamewisp and they are great.

  • DefinedMatterTV commented
    23 May, 2017 02:41pm


  • Ali Moiz commented
    28 Feb, 2017 05:52pm

    this is planned folks, its on the way. 

  • BadgerGamingdotcom commented
    30 Jan, 2017 02:30pm

    As a person using Steamlabs and Game wisp and a streamer now for nearly 3 years I too would love to see steam lab recognize those who subscribe via that source for me. Other intergrations would also be appreciated as I see these two tools essential to any streamer looking to engage their audiences.

  • Lucas Feldmeir commented
    3 Jan, 2017 12:43am

    Maybe some bracket generators like battlefy.com or challenge.com or tournament.com. People would definitely be more willing to join tourneys if they got shoutouts for it.

  • Morgan Bellis commented
    23 Dec, 2016 02:44am

    ide love Beam to be added

  • KitKat Paw commented
    1 Nov, 2016 04:56am

    I upvote what Gina Said, Gamewisp integration (I mean complete and real integration) is something I've been waiting for a looong time, and is super needed ! Please, put this in your top priorities ;)

  • Gina Ray commented
    1 Nov, 2016 12:55am

    I LOVE gamewisp and its something I talked to you guys about at twitchcon. If there were intergration to help that would be the best! its be a bigger selling point to earn more subs too. them knowing that they maybe would potentially get more out of a sub too, like more loyalty points etc.

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