Feature Suggestions

A Better Loyalty System!

There has to be something that allows us to give points out to our viewers.  I love Rev-lo.  it was easy and you had the ability give points to viewer.  You need more games where they can't bet their points and redeem things with their points on YouTube.  Have it apply to both YouTube and twitch.  You need a redeem store like stream elements. i really like that feature but no company but rev-lo was able to put a loyalty system for both twitch and YouTube!

  • Bake Chronicles
  • Sep 20 2017
  • Shadzar commented
    September 20, 2017 19:40

    you can edit individual users points to either add or remove points here, https://streamlabs.com/dashboard/#/loyalty , just click on the gear and choose EDIT. positive number adds, and negative number takes away. can only be done 1 user at a time and cannot set to lower than 0 points.


    also if you click on the Extension it will show on the video page a "Redeem reward" option right in the Twitch video player, and they can pick a reward to redeem without having to leave the stream. or they can go to your donation/tip page on Streamlabs


    and click Loyalty Points and your viewers can see the things they can redeem, how many points they have, and how many points are gained per minute. Also the viewers can see the leaderboard for your channel there.


    Though mass awarding points like !giveall 100 is a feature not present for the Loyalty Extension. It has been suggested and IS needed somehow to let streamers give a bonus to everyone for special occasions or whatever