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Launch end credits from Stream Labels

I LOVE the end credits-feature, really good job!

Is it just me who wish we could start the credits directly from stream labels?


Please vote on this idea if you like it <3

  • thomasPASTE
  • Sep 22 2017
  • Shadzar commented
    23 Sep, 2017 04:37pm

    I will go a step further and say the End Credits should roll/start automatically when it loads.

    So if you have it in OBS and you click the Eye to make it hidden in your scene, then when it is time for the credits you just click the eye to show it and the credits start rolling right away since you are ending and about to stop the stream anyway and need to be in OBS. Or maybe you have a scene that only is the credits and you use a scene transition to it, the credits still just start when the source becomes risible.

    Then all people have to do is like with every StreamLabs widget and make sure to  set those 2 checkboxes on every BrowserSource to unload when not active, and refresh when active, and the credits run instantly when you load their source.

    This means the credits aren't loaded until you active the source they are in so they can get the newest data when the page loads which is the same as with the Start button on the Credits Widget page on SL now, and it prevents from having to go to ANY other program to start the credits and people with automagic scene switchers will have their transitions all set and ready and it does everything for them while they end stream.


    This does NOT mean removing the Start button from where it is now, or to NOT have it in SL, just also add the option to have it work with a start button on the widget page, have a start button on SL, and ALSO have an option on the credits widget page to say "Start automatically" and then people don't need to use the start button if they have other automatic means, while other people CAN use the start button if they prefer to do it manually. :)