Feature Suggestions

Stream Labs Mobile App

So there's the saying where "We have technology at the palm of our hands.". So why not put Stream Labs as a Mibile App? iPhone users like myself and all other mobile platforms could have a lot more advantages with a mobile app to use away from a computer.

A few examples of using a mobile app could be:

- While on Vacation you see some interesting things take advantage like a picture taken with a mobile device and then uploading that picture to Stream Labs as well as importating Audio and making new alerts on the go.

- You're out shopping and you see something that you want as part of your stream but you can't afford it at that time. Then you can go on Stream Labs and in your Donation Goals you can add products to your wish list by taking a picture and adding in the cost.

- Your Power/Internet goes out while you were streaming. For your own interests you can revert to the Mobile App and look at your Dashboard to view what could have been any alerts triggered. 


I personally feel a Mobile App would be ideal for all streamers and it gives an extra view on your stream stats too.

  • Sep 27 2017