Feature Suggestions

GIFs for donos and other future add ons to be allowed their own window independent of alert banner.

Hi, I use a discreet alert that is just a small rectangular banner for my subs/donos/follows etc. I don't want the alert to take up half the screen as I like to keep it clean for my viewers. Its something people really like about my stream.

The problem with this is that the new GIF alert feature for donations wont work. My alert banner is 480x91 pixels, when I activate the gif and someone tries to use them, the GIF is tiny on my stream and you cant see what it is. It would be great if the GIF could have its resolution set independently from the dono alert itself, so that we can have it on and make it the size that we want, without it having to fit inside our current alert.

This would allow me/us to activate the GIF for those that choose to use it, and also control it's appearance, shape and size independent of our alert banner. I could adjust it myself so that is visible and fun for my viewers but without being too small or massively too big.

  • TheRunningManZ
  • Sep 29 2017