Feature Suggestions

Make subscribing to Streamlabs Pro accessible.

I'm hoping you understand the benefits. I have searched your site high and low for a way to subscribe to Streamlabs Pro. I got an opportunity to do so after I made a donation, but otherwise I can't find a single place, including the Streamlabs Pro page: https://support.streamlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/223485348-Streamlabs-PRO

Looked at your youtube channel, all over your website (including the settings page and all of your help pages), looked at Reddit, and googled it. You guys sure make it hard to give you money! :)

Even if the page does exist somewhere, the fact that I spent that much time and effort on it means it's well hidden. Maybe you just don't really want to make any money? j/k

Is there any kind of discount for an annual subscription? The prior model looked like the annual subscription was heavily discounted. I personally would be much more likely to subscribe long-term if you had a substantial annual discount. $40 seems like a good sweet spot, but I'm no marketing expert. I'm an accountant by trade, in case you ever want to feature some hot and heavy 10-key action on Streamlabs.

Have a good one.


  • Combat Ineffective
  • Oct 1 2017