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Custom Alerts based on Chat Input

Chat loves custom alerts! Right now, custom alerts for donations are limited to the amount of the donation (exactly/more than a certain amount). However, a great thing for chat interactivity would be the ability to trigger custom alerts based on chat input on certain events - specifically, bit donations and subscriptions:

EXAMPLE 1: A viewer donates bits and inputs the text #lurker as part of their message. This triggers a specific "lurker gif" alert that triggers on stream - perhaps a clip from a stealth game, someone lurking in the shadows.

EXAMPLE 2: A viewer subscribes and inputs the text #spooky as part of sharing their subscription. This chat input triggers a special alert with a loud jumpscare noise in the streamer's ear.

I personally would like to see this ability available for donations and subscriptions. Currently, this could be done using a bot command, but making custom alerts unlimited would just lead to alert spam, and channel currency is not enough of a barrier to entry, in my opinion.

Both of the above examples would lead to clippable moments and drive viewer engagement, encouraging community members to want to donate/subscribe more. And these are just a few examples - alerts such as these could be tailored specifically to the game, the streamer's preference or Twitch community events/holidays, the only limit is the imagination of you and your community!

  • AccidentalGrenade
  • Oct 7 2017
  • Shadzar commented
    October 09, 2017 08:05

    You know the Loyalty Extension has custom rewards, and Soon(tm) they plan to add custom alerts with those rewards, so it will be able to do all that right form the video player. and the bonus is, it won't have to clutter chat with more bot commands