Feature Suggestions

Giveaways: See who entered, set a loyalty point cost to entries, allow chat command to enter for mobile users, alert for giveaway winner.

Streamers who host giveaways should be able to see who enters on the giveaway tab.  Streamers should also be able to set a "cost" for entries using loyalty points.  There also NEEDS to be a chat command to enter giveaways for mobile users.  Many of my loyal viewers have mentioned to me that they were able to click the "join giveaway" on the overlay each time I started a new stream.  This leads me to believe that multiple entries can be made.  If that is the case this is a must to assign a cost.  Also, if multiple entries into a giveaway can be made, there needs to be a cap.  If no cap to giveaway entries this enforces the case for a loyalty cost to be applied.  Also, Giveaway winners should trigger an alert, at present time I am doing windows capture when I am choosing a winner so that there is no qq.

  • Majincraft
  • Oct 12 2017