Feature Suggestions

Reroll/Multiple Winners/Follower Only/Point Entries for Giveaways

Would it be possible to have an option to reroll the giveaway winner and to reroll to draw multiple winners?

Often times more than one winner is needed by rolling once and then again to draw another winner.

Also, I have often found that someone enters a giveaway and states to reroll because they entered just to see that if they would win, without knowing what the giveaway was for, or deciding they no longer want the prize.

At the moment, to draw an additional winner or reroll for a new winner, the giveaway has to be run over again and everyone has to re-enter.

Also allowing the option to buy giveaway entries with loyalty points and allowing only followers to enter (or at least see if the person that won is following) would also be great additions to the giveaway system.

  • CagalliCross
  • Oct 13 2017