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Separate Section for Raids!

Separate section for raids, so you can have distinct knowledge of when you're getting raided or hosted, leaving Hosts for Auto-Host and Regular Host Alerts!

  • UltraTom100
  • Oct 25 2017
  • Already exists
  • xanScorp commented
    31 Dec, 2017 04:35pm

    Rustedlion, I somewhat agree with Shadzar.  I believe the intention of this "Separate Section" would help streamers to know whether or not one of their regulars have left.  Especially if the raid consists of a large number.  It's easier to separate who was there beforehand if the user's name doesn't get shuffled into a large number of people.  

  • Shadzar commented
    28 Oct, 2017 04:48pm

    i dont think you are understanding what they are asking for, or maybe i am not.

    What is see here is asking for a section in the alertbox like Following Bits, etc where you can have different alerts in different places around your overlay. so adding a section in the URL to copy and paste, as well as add a section to the alertbox like bits, donations, hosts, where you can set up special alerts ONLY for raids.

    Some people, maybe most, would see a raid as a bigger deal than a host, since a raid actually brings chatters, not just a quick influx of viewers. so for a Raids section of the alertbox it allows people to configure those alerts specifically for raids.


    it is like the current problem now where Loyalty Rewards show in multiple alertboxes when people have more than on on their stream because someone forgot StreamLabs has the ability to give you multiple alertboxes and they needed to add an individual way to disable loyalty rewards in them so they dont appear in every alertbox widget you have placed in your overlay.

  • Rustedlion commented
    26 Oct, 2017 11:43pm

    That kind of defeats the purpose of raiding someone. It should always be a treat and a surprise. Unless its a regular then it should be a treat. You can always go into your settings and delay the alert if you have one set up and that gives you ample time to prepare for the influx of people. ESPECIALLY with these 30 second forced ads.