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Linux Version of Stream Labels?

I've seen the announcements for a Linux version of Stream labels since a couple weeks after the site name was changed from "TwitchAlerts" to "Streamlabs". So when will we see this software released for Linux users?

  • DK__Plays
  • Nov 8 2017
  • AlmazReich commented
    14 Jul, 2019 06:32pm

    You can use this on linux i think

  • The Capitain Channel commented
    17 Feb, 2019 02:32pm

    Hola que hay, me ayudas y te ayudo? Sucribete a mi canal dejas un like y comentario y yo hago lo mismo??? Te espero compañero un saludo theCapitainChannel 



  • DK__Plays commented
    10 Jan, 2019 05:46am

    ManuInzesky, that badge has been there for about 18 months now. And we're still waiting for the Linux version.

  • ManuInzesky commented
    10 Nov, 2018 09:39pm

    There is a "coming soon" badge in Stream Labels webpage. I really hope it's true!

  • jack_vancouver commented
    4 Apr, 2018 06:07pm

    Please release this as a python script we can simply run in Terminal. Simply allow us to download a API token for the python script then run the python script to generate the text files required for stream labels.

  • NEET_FEET commented
    2 Apr, 2018 03:53pm

    Currently just using plain OBS if this gets a linux port i'll be using this instead.

  • MikesPastryArts commented
    20 Mar, 2018 03:47pm

    Devs! please i need this to stream, i really need to be able to grab this info to display on my stream, don't make me having to switch to windows for this.

  • Psykoentv commented
    5 Feb, 2018 08:46pm

    me to chrome extention just stopr working for me

  • acrazymind commented
    22 Jan, 2018 04:19am

    I'm streaming on Linux with OBS and it would be fantastic to get a port!

  • RedLionhead commented
    28 Dec, 2017 10:00pm

    I would love to see one as well.. I'd donate right away to the project if this occured