Feature Suggestions

Customizable Settings To The Donation Ticker

Adding some customizable settings to the donation ticker would be pretty great, such as having the option to have it be for top cheerers, most recent cheer, subs, followers and the like (maybe all?). This would benefit the streamer and the viewers. The current way of showing top cheerers results in super squished plain text that gets very hard to read very fast (shows 10 names at once, no setting to change it). How? Just by adding a more setting to the ticker, such as for what to show, how fast, and how often. How often would just be useful for not having it be constant scrolling. maybe once per X minutes or something like that.

PS: If adding setting proves difficult, maybe add entirely new tickers?

Hope you guys do add something like this soon! Would be VERY much appreciated and i think it would be a widely used feature :)

  • silentwisperer
  • Nov 9 2017