Feature Suggestions

Damage per cent donated.

Since foreign currencies can all cause weird things, the Streamboss should be adjusted to the damage per USD cents donated. someone donates in a currency that is say 4 of their currency and gets weird rounding down to 3 even because of full dollars only sort of makes the Streamboss insulting to non-US donators.

Or have a toggle to override the current Damage per dollar donated to allow streamers to set it to use exact amount donated.

Examples for where this will even work in same currency without having to convert currency:


$13.37 donations that have special alert variations and is a special number. making it only 13 dollars sort of kills the whole special number. same goes for these non whole dollar donation amounts that are being neglected by the current Streamboss forcing only the whole dollars instead of allowing for damage from the cents.

$6.66,  $4.20,  $3.16, $69.69, $1.23...

Not to mention any other special number to the streamer which could be anything from their streaming anniversary date like $10.31; or any new meme that get spread and people want to start using it.


Having the current simple damage per dollar will be good for those jsut wanting simple amounts, but adding the "exact change" option will allow people with special variations of numbers or number that mean something to them more likely to use the stream boss, since memes drive these streaming sites and widget use, so it needs to be built into the system to allow for people to fully meme their hearts away.

IF it already does this, then there is no indication via the Test Donation since it always shows whole dollar donations only. So it could be the Test Donation buttons need to show those various parts of a whole dollar to let people know these things work.

  • Shadzar
  • Nov 11 2017