Feature Suggestions


I'd love to see a goal type of thing where you have Bit Goal + Donation Goal combined in 1. ''Combi-Goal''

Lets say, you have a goal for 20 Euros.

As per normally, 1 Euro would add 1 Euro towards the goal but, if you were to add 100 bits then it'd add another Euro to the goal.

I think having this would be a great idea, especially since some people prefer to donate with regular money and some people prefer to donate with Bits, if you were to combine the two into 1 goal you would have a thing that makes everyone be able to help you get towards your Donation/Bit goal in this case ''Combi-Goal'' or ofcourse another name, this is just an idea.



  • Jelledot
  • Nov 23 2017
  • TheMalcMan commented
    18 Jan, 2018 12:06am

    I agree this needs to be done. Would it not be fairly simple? they have both functions, just need to have one bar that tracks both