Feature Suggestions

Integrate StreamLabels with Chatbot

It would be quite useful if we could access the Stream Labels functionality from within Chatbot.  Being that the currency and song request functionalities are being merged it only makes sense.  

  • Zellidon
  • Nov 26 2017
  • TheSpudFarm commented
    December 09, 2017 00:22

    The Chatbot does have labels integrated already (see folder Twitch/Files in the install directory). I think it was a carry over from when it was Ankhbot. That said it doesn't update very well, and the ExtraLife Goal is messed up as it just fills the text file right up. 

    This should be an easy fix as the technology is already in the bot. Streamlabs can you just tweak it so the followers, cheers, subscribers, and Extra Life donation labels are working consistently!