Feature Suggestions

Incorporate Spin Wheel into chat allowing viewers to use currency to spin

For the spin wheel, I think we should be able to use this feature as a command within the bot, thus far allowing the viewers to say !spin 500 (using their currency) to spin the wheel. For instance I could put different things on the wheel, they could use their currency to try to win a certain prize or even to just make your stream more interactive. They spin it and it tells you something you must do in the game you’re playing. 

  • tacticalintern
  • Nov 28 2017
  • WaveShredder commented
    28 Oct, 2018 01:20am

    I know that this is an old post, but wanted to let people know that this has been made possible with the Streamlabs bot.

  • EnglishAvenger commented
    27 Jul, 2018 07:38am

    It badly needs a chat command to sin the wheel

  • Sapien666 commented
    2 Jun, 2018 10:34pm

    I second this comment above. The spin wheel is a great idea except when you try and use it during a stream. Requires you to tab out and stop everything. It at the very least needs a spin button so the streamer can quickly spin the wheel 

  • TheSpudFarm commented
    9 Dec, 2017 12:00am

    Definitely! It has now been implemented into the chat bot via button for the streamer, but we need to be able to activate via chat command please. As it stands now, it is useless as the streamer needs to tab out of their game to hit the spin wheel.