Feature Suggestions

Chatbot integration with stream deck

Chatbot integration with stream deck such that commands and song requests can be controlled with the stream deck. This would be a better implementation over using hot keys

  • FearBroner
  • Nov 29 2017
  • ParkiBricks commented
    December 04, 2017 16:12

    Oh yes, that would be perfect. Now streamdeck has a perfect integration with Twitch and OBS, adding chatbot to this would make my life a ton easier :)

  • TheSpudFarm commented
    December 09, 2017 00:15

    Go to settings and then hotkeys... you can set hotkeys for most functions in the chat bot, and set macros for chat commands (which can then be hotkeyed). Then just use your streamdeck to trigger the hotkeys.

  • This_Cat_Streams commented
    January 17, 2018 21:54

    That would be perfect and free up a lot of space on my monitors.


    Plus being able to control Song Request, commands, SFX and some simple currency commands for example give everyone 100 points would be great and so much quicker.

  • Myerling commented
    February 17, 2018 23:09

    Now that streamlabs is taking over streaming functionality (in a good way). It is going to be essential to integrate with tools such as stream deck. Streamlabs has focused on software and apps to manage your stream, and they're great. But don't forget the integration of tools like stream deck. This is a great thread.