Feature Suggestions

Progress-bar for a reward using loyalty points

Besides the ability to achieve a stream goal using bits, donations, it would be great to have such an opportunity for loyalty points owners. For example, I create a "group reward" with base cost of 10k loyalty points. Viewers can cooperate in order to achieve it. Let's say, there's a possibility to configure minimum or fixed loyalty points contribution and I set it to be 100 loyalty points.Thus viewers can cooperate and contribute their loyalty points in order to achieve "group reward" goal. And it can be visually added the same way as it is for donation progress bars.

  • Ramaloke
  • Nov 29 2017
  • onlythatkush commented
    14 Apr, 2019 07:19pm

    hi, i thing u need to fix is a rank system or just that u can sort them by points in some way, best thing is if u can get a leader bord to twitch almost like bits or a ranksystem in chat etherway is good

  • Hiro_Live commented
    26 Feb, 2018 12:00pm

    Very nice idea! They can vote for switch to another Game or something like that.