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Referral System to Help grow your community.

Ok, we all struggle to know who is helping grow our community? How about having a chat bot that not only rewards people helping to do that, but also shows us the analytics of who is helping. 


If we were to include a "referral" system that would be great. Lets say Viewer A has suggested to 5 people to check out my channel. 


  1. {New Viewer B} comes to my channel and advises who referred them, something like "referred by {ViewerA}"
  2. {NewViewerB} is rewarded with X coins/points. 
  3. {ViewerA} is rewarded with X coins/points.
  4. {ViewerA} Referred count goes up by 1. 

Both the new Viewer and the Referrer have been rewarded. A little "thank you" for providing me the stats and taking their time out..now though, i know how from analytics that ViewerA has been helping grow my stream, and how many people hes responsible. This would be a one time entry that cannot be changed so i would suggest checking against a followers list or something. This would be to stop people "cheating"

We could then add some genric labels like "reddit, facebook, twitchbrowsing, frontpage, twitchsuggestions" to see where are viewers are actually coming from. 

At the end of this, after a few months of referrals i would have the full picture of how my auidence is growing.

  1. Is this random twitch browsing?
  2. Is my twitter advertising working? 
  3. are my viewers helping me grow?
  4. Who's helping me grow the most by word of mouth? 

We could then target what area's are working, helping grow our channels further. We could even expand this idea to add viewer times, to see

"do word of mouth viewers hang around longer than those who come from twitter advertisements"

"how long do random twitch browsing viewers stay on my page"

drilling into these answers can help us make the right decision on how to improve. 

Forgive me its 6am and im tired, but hopefully you will get the idea. If you like this suggestion please feel free to upvote and dont forget to throw me a follow (www.twitch.tv/trucker), who knows streamlabs might be a generic label :P

  • Trucker
  • Nov 30 2017