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Add TipeeeStream import (donations)

It would be awesome if you could add TipeeeStream as a source for import in Account Settings > Import.


I downloaded a StreamTip CSV (Tips) and one from TipeeeStream (Donations) and they are nearly identical. I don't know what Variables/Values you ignore when importing from StreamTip but all information in that StreamTip CSV are present in the TipeeeStream CSV but just in a different order.

  • aan3kk
  • Dec 11 2017
  • tvfalcons commented
    12 Jul, 2018 10:09pm

    I am Ask this 3 years long, Streamlabs sucks. Paypall bullshit only.  Tipeee is beter, lower fees, and more options

    Ideal For Netherlands viewer
    all credits cards
    Paysafe card ect.

    Streamlabs Only shit of paypall expensive FEES   4 year passed anno 2018 never release more option how bat streamlabs, become you 1 mil dollar from paypall bonus or what?

  • aan3kk commented
    11 Dec, 2017 12:59am

    Sample Streamtip CSV

    Date,Status,Amount,Username,"Payment Processor","Transaction ID",Note"2017-12-10 19:55:25",COMPLETED,100.00,"username","Manual","MANUAL39821453538","sometext"


    Sample TipeeeStream CSV

    Date,Donator,Amount,Fees,"Donation Method",Status,"Donation Message"
    "2017-12-11 01:16:58",username,100,0,MANUAL,manual,sometext