Feature Suggestions

Fun variations of alerts for viewers - more "personalized" sub variation

Fun variations for people subscribing/following/whatever.


Let's say twitch user A's Twitch ID starts with 2, and let's say twitch user B's Twitch ID starts with 9. (Or any number possible to implement)

This way, they both are new subscribers, but they get 2 different alerts to pop up. In my example, I'll just say they get little eggs to show up as they're new subs. User A gets a green spotted egg, while User B gets a fully red egg.

When they then would reach 3 months of subbing, user A would get a bird that has a green head and wings, while user B would get a fully red bird.


This way, alerts would be a little more personalized by "chance", since an everyday user on Twitch probably wouldn't look up their ID. Then they would continue getting recognized by their "red" or "green" or "blue" alert. This could even allow someone with a Harry Potter themed channel to have people get assigned to different houses, like Ravenclaw or Slytherin.


I think it could be fun for viewers to both become part of a community, and also get a slightly more personalized alert every time they sub.



Alert variation implementation would have to be something like "if user starts with xxxx number" and also be able to set a second variation "subbed at least x months" at the same time.

  • LerajeRandom
  • Dec 14 2017