Feature Suggestions

My 5 ideas after 6 months of using Ankhbot/Streamlabs Chatbot

Hey guys! Now it's been six months since I started to use this chatbot. And my opinion is this is the best chatbot I have ever dealt with. There are 6 problems I have found during the time, and I want to share them with you

P.S.: I don't know English very well, but I'll try to describe my suggestions

1. Linking hours and currency to Twitch ID (not to username). When someone changes his username, you need to shift his hours and currency from his old username to his new one manually. Making linking to Twitch ID would solve this problem. That's kinda frustrating :(

2. Fix cyrillic for Ranks. I can only type ranks in lower case in Russian. That's frustrating too :( :(

3. In Songrequests you can choose between !sr, !songrequest ot both. Why wouldn't you make a custom option, which allows to use our own made commands to request music (like !rs or !play, depends on imagination)

4. Make PREVIEW button right in front of SFX commands in the SFX commands list. Previewing through editing a SFX-command is uncomfortable

5. Make an ability to hide users from hours and currency tops. You can make the option to do that by right-clicking on a user in Currency users list. It's useful to hide maybe custom bots from the tops or some user, who doesn't watch your streams, doesn't say anything in chat, but he is in viewers list 24/7 DansGame

That's it. I hope I've managed to bring my thoughts right. Good luck with the chatbot upgrading and have a nice day!

  • EgorSalad
  • Dec 24 2017