Feature Suggestions

Choose Audio output on the Songrequest

Can you add a extra Audio output for the Songrequest ?

  • einfachsj
  • Dec 26 2017
  • the_chodie commented
    18 Oct, 2019 03:12am

    This. Please.

  • cyph0rg commented
    16 Aug, 2018 06:19pm

    Adding this to be able to separate SFX and songrequest would be great! Also, having music on a different output device than OBS is also good.

  • Solistor commented
    13 Aug, 2018 03:50am

    Adding on to this, Songrequest in specific doesn't seem to be obeying the Audio Output assignment that the rest of Chatbot uses. That being so, either merging Songrequest's output to the rest of the program's output channel or giving it a separate output channel would greatly benefit those of us using audio splitters like VoiceMeeter.