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Follower goal

Let streamlabels create a file which stores a follower goal just like the donation goal one.

This will be usefull for the smaller streamers who are not partnered or have no donation button.

  • Charlie Vierling
  • Feb 10 2017
  • Shipped
  • Jul 14, 2017

    Admin response

    We shipped this for Twitch so far.

    YouTube and Mixer is being worked on and hopefully will be out soon.

  • TheDerpy Cactus commented
    22 Jun, 2017 04:37pm

    How do I do that 

  • IosonoOtakuman commented
    29 May, 2017 01:32am

    That would be really cool!

  • tofutofupanic commented
    4 May, 2017 03:16pm

    Agreed! This would be AMAZING!

  • Borys Jóźwiak commented
    12 Apr, 2017 04:15pm

    Yeah, the follower goal bar like for donation goal would be awesome so we don't have to use other services for that kind of thing.

  • EnFuegoMane commented
    12 Mar, 2017 05:50am

    what if he meant follower goal bar?

  • KitKat Paw commented
    28 Feb, 2017 12:14pm

    In the files settings guys, you can change the way a file is displayed so instead of having just {count} in there you can edit it to {count} / 1000 and BOUM you have a 1k follower goal ;p

  • Matthew Laukala commented
    23 Feb, 2017 02:05am

    How do you add text around it? The file gets reset whenever a change is made.

  • Jarod Thomas commented
    17 Feb, 2017 08:43pm

    how exactly do i do that?

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