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Chat Alerts for donation sub and other without bot started on PC good for IRL streaming

Hello! I'm using Streamlabs chatbot and Streamlabs site, and what I need is to make chat alert when someone donate. The problem is that I'm streaming IRL with my phone trough Streamlabs app, and when someone donate the viewers are seeing it, but me trough my phone not(I don't see the alert). Sometimes I stream outside my city so its impossible to start the bot on my PC, and i have to work without him. That is why I need chat alert when someone donate, to know that and say thanks of answer if its needed. 

  • AivanaBG
  • Jan 4 2018
  • Chi11estpanda commented
    July 11, 2019 01:33

    Just to be sure, have you set up Chat Alerts within Streamlabs chatbot (Cloudbot) to announce when a donation is made? You can do so from the website version here: https://streamlabs.com/dashboard#/cloudbot/modules and make sure to click Preferences and enable the setting for Donations.

    Then, since Streamlabs' chatbot (AKA Cloudbot) is a cloud-hosted bot that doesn't need to be open from your computer, it sits in your channel 24/7 so even when you're streaming from your mobile device, it will still be available in the channel to announce donations so long as it's been enabled to do so as previously mentioned above.