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Streamlabs OBS - Adjusting Bars/Panels/Layout

 I would like to be able to adjust the sizes of the bars. The bottom bar where the scenes and sources are is too small in height. Being able to adjust and panels/bars of the program by dragging the edges would be very useful.

  • CagalliCross
  • Jan 4 2018
  • Silent_Wolfe commented
    22 May 04:52am

    Love the new Layout Editor, but yes, i need to be able to drag the panel sizes to desired size as i have tons of wasted space.

  • dsf_eagle commented
    25 Jul, 2019 06:47pm

    Would love to be able to move around the different panels and resize them like in the origional OBS for sure

  • 0xFad3d commented
    13 Jul, 2019 07:58am


  • SIXOUTLOUD commented
    7 Dec, 2018 07:35am

    How is this not a feature yet? I swear it was a feature months ago but now removed. I need to bring the mixer up so that I can see all the levels. Also if I could adjust the mixer channel spacing that would help immensely! It's taking up far too much space.

  • ziplock9000 commented
    2 Sep, 2018 01:14pm

    I also have a vertical monitor and I can't get the channel chat to appear as it's being clipped. If I could park it at the bottom or top it would be great

  • uglyy commented
    20 Jul, 2018 11:57pm

    please add this feature. i end up needing to have my twitch chat up in a second window in order to read chat, and some games (like fortnite) will get lagged frames if i run twitch in browser while streaming. 

  • fraggist commented
    14 Jul, 2018 05:50am

    this is still sorely needed for vertical monitors

  • BitcorpLIVE commented
    22 Mar, 2018 01:04pm

    Need this badly.

  • Pixlmancy commented
    18 Jan, 2018 08:25am


    Another vote from me for vertical screen support, and being able to rearrange/resize each panel

  • AzurTheDragon commented
    8 Jan, 2018 12:56pm

    We really need this for vertical screens. Add also the possibility to put the chat window UNDER the main window.

  • DynamoTom commented
    7 Jan, 2018 01:27am

    this would be great especially if there could also be a "cosy" type feature or font size for smaller screens pretty please!

  • PermaNoob commented
    6 Jan, 2018 03:51pm

    I definitely want this feature also.  PLEASE!

  • Potzo90 commented
    5 Jan, 2018 06:23pm

    Indeed. I have second screen as vertical. And it looks awful.


    The chat panel is totally gone for some reason.

    It would be nice if every panel could be rearranged and not just the size.