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Ability To Change Font Size in Twitch Chat on Streamlabs OBS

It's so tiny, it's hard to read unless you're sitting right up on your PC, which isn't always viable

  • xxSupernovaStar
  • Jan 5 2018
  • Jerikandra commented
    13 Sep 05:42am

    YES SAME!!!

  • theBeccaScott commented
    29 Jan 12:36am

    Yes, please make the sidebar font bigger or changeable!!! 

  • 돈츄노킴 commented
    9 Jan 04:36am

    shykurobooo Thank you!

  • shykurobooo commented
    3 Dec, 2019 03:44am

    Setting > Appearance > Change font size

  • will13pine commented
    27 Sep, 2019 04:14pm

    crtl then scroll wheel to make it smaller or bigger while watching a stream

  • comatrix44 commented
    19 May, 2019 03:20pm

    To thexrealx21 , can you explain further, I didn't find that option, and me too I have hard to me to read it

  • thexrealx21 commented
    11 Sep, 2018 04:32am

    simply go to View. Select Actual size . or control O

  • Luckydrops commented
    1 Jul, 2018 10:13am


  • MarkLightning commented
    12 Feb, 2018 11:42pm

    We need this It scales awfully, we need a bit more customization with this.

  • TzZek_ commented
    9 Jan, 2018 03:35am

    Yes I completely agree, especially when I'm on my 4k monitor with only 150% scaling turned on makes the chat so hard to read.