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ASIO support

The whole music community in general has to rely on third party software which can be difficult to set up and changes in these programs often requires OBS to be restarted in order to take effect. With the option to enable ASIO as audio output in StreamLabs OBS we would no longer have these issues and streaming music would be more welcoming to newcomers.

  • NetrexTV
  • Jan 5 2018
  • Sardrellas commented
    21 Sep 09:45am

    I know this is like, a year or two old so please correct me if I'm mistaking about anything, BUT:
    Absolutely! What the heck streamlabs? This is just frustrating and factually stupid. It's like simplifying something because you're worried about a problem that doesn't exist: why would you remove OBS plugin support? Non-musicians/mixers/audio engineers won't care about the extra “simplicity” and you gain nothing from removing plugin support, but anyone with a half decent audio setup is very much screwed over and needs to work around your unacceptable decision.

    Case in point, it has been a NIGHTMARE trying to route something that SHOULD be very simple: Mic audio interface -> ASIO driver -> adobe audition -> streamlabs. Plugins made this so much easier so we could stream with no latency issues (asio4all still gives some latency for most setups in my experience), but instead we have to find workarounds to your un-arguably backwards decision to remove plugin support. Please just add it back in already.

  • SheriffSharp commented
    31 May 12:53pm

    Having the ability to ingest audio via ASIO would have been great yesterday for the live stream that I helped with. Had that been possible I would have actually used Streamlabs OBS but I was forced to use OBS Studio just for ASIO.

  • KharysCrib commented
    10 May 04:41pm

    This is why I cant/wont use slobs. I keep checking and no support for asio.

  • Shadow-Soft commented
    2 Apr 12:28am


  • NEONYAparty commented
    28 Mar 02:35pm

    ...by which I mean that the editor's background is white and so is the text color. Can't see what one is typing. Nice.
    Also nice is how Streamlabs has killed the OBS plugin support on purpose, and now there's no way to have professional audio input with Streamlabs OBS.

    Streamlabs: You don't even need to integrate the ASIO support, just start supporting plugins properly again and we'll take care of it ourselves.

  • NEONYAparty commented
    28 Mar 02:32pm


  • DrawingORdrummingLIVE commented
    20 Mar 11:25pm


  • Acegikmo commented
    12 Oct, 2019 09:35am

    Very much this! This is literally the one thing stopping me from using SLOBS, my audio setup doesn't work at all without it

  • FaultySystems commented
    14 Sep, 2019 12:50am

    I can't capture Asio channel 9/10 from my xonepx5 cause it only detects 1/2.

    This version does allow you to select specific audio channels: https://github.com/pkviet/obs-asio

    Would be great if you could add this feature 

  • AlexRoseGames commented
    10 Aug, 2019 04:51am

    Bumping this. As the other user said, this already has been solved in an open source solution.

  • Alejandro Suazo commented
    22 Apr, 2019 01:20am

    As a music producer and youtuber, this are absolutely necessary. I can't record my Presonus Studio 26 audio mix out on OBS, really? Forced to wire from main outputs from Studio 26 to mini plug input in the integrated audio card of PC, completely anti-professional... 

  • thevirtunaut commented
    17 Oct, 2018 04:28am

    completely agree. there is this GitHub repo of a solution for OBS. It works great! I would suggest bringing this into StreamLabs! Please!