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In Streamlabs OBS, add the "Edit Transform" option.

In OBS, you can right click on a source, hover your mouse over "Transform", and select the "Edit Transform" option (or Ctrl + E). This option brings up a menu in which you can change the source's position, rotation, size, positional alignment, bounding box type, alignment in the bounding box, bounding box size, and crop. It basically gives you full control over a source and allows you to resize and reposition it without simply clicking and dragging with your mouse, which is finicky and inaccurate.

Right now, Streamlabs OBS doesn't offer this precise level of control. I understand that it is still in beta, which means there will be issues and that this could possibly already be planned for the full release, but this feature is invaluable to some. It would be a shame if it was never implemented in Streamlabs OBS.

Currently, you can do a workaround by creating your scenes and sources in OBS and then importing them into Streamlabs OBS, but that's rather clunky and unintuitive, to say the least, to do every time you want to make a precise change.

  • BlackIce4047
  • Jan 5 2018
  • AlexBrooks commented
    24 Jul, 2019 04:48pm

    I can't get the instant replay source to get smaller

  • xHadesStamps commented
    24 Jul, 2019 07:27am

    They do have "edit transform," but it's LIMITED! I'd like to see the full thing get added.

  • micsthepick commented
    18 Jun, 2019 05:42am

    using ctrl to scroll through values faster is also a nice feature that I use in this menu too

  • micsthepick commented
    18 Jun, 2019 05:41am

    This needs to be implemented properly, with the complete bounding box functionality.

  • aneatartboy commented
    12 Apr, 2019 01:58pm

    so if you hold the shift button down you can resize manually

  • AussieDoggo commented
    12 Apr, 2019 02:39am

    It really needs to be a thing ūüėÖ

  • CocoaSip commented
    9 Mar, 2019 03:10am

    Yes we need to be able to rotate and freely transform our sources.

  • Adri_osu commented
    18 Jan, 2019 11:49am

    How is this not added yet ? That's a must have for setting a stream, even just Position and Size would make a huge difference from using arrows pixel per pixel and approximating resize ...

  • Insayno commented
    15 Jan, 2019 04:37am

    Please. Dear god. Add this.

  • TheAngryHulk commented
    17 Dec, 2018 12:31am

    Being able to defining the bounding box size along with position and size custom numbers. This was invaluable in OBS Studio. Luckily I made all my scenes there and imported them into SLOBS. If I have to make a new scene or add a new source and have to fix the bounding box and other sizes within SLOBS I think I would be lost.

  • Resistakill commented
    18 Nov, 2018 03:40am

    Can the "Edit Transform" feature be added (from regular OBS) soon, please? For some things, specifically for one of the games I play, there is no way to edit to where you can't see the edges of games that can't be made true full screen. Streamlabs OBS is a huge step up in every way I've seen so far, except this specific issue.

  • dessertmonkey commented
    28 Jul, 2018 11:31pm

    I'm missing the lack of bounding box types so much when it comes to having OBS auto resize text sources no matter how long the text is within the bounds of a specific area. This is very handy for dynamic elements such as, well, text sources that use Streamlab labels loaded from text files. 


    Constantly having to resize them because of this feature being absent. You don't miss it until it's gone.

  • Zensunim commented
    8 Jul, 2018 05:59am

    When I imported my scenes from OBS Studio to try to make the transition to Streamlabs OBS, I ran into this problem.  Most of my transforms are messed up from the import, and trying to precisely set them all up again without being able to input numbers or copy/paste a transform has been a real pain. 

  • theubie commented
    21 Jun, 2018 03:49pm

    Or even just the ability to copy and paste transforms so you can get things exactly the same in multiple scenes without having to duplicate.

  • TheMandii commented
    2 Jun, 2018 03:53am

    how is this not already a thing? I need free transform!

  • RockRoberts commented
    6 May, 2018 03:53am

    I hate having to re-edit my photos just to get them to fit where I want them to, like as a background for a chat box. If Xsplit and OBS Studio can have a "free-hand' re-size, I don't see why SLOBS can't.

  • DarkAcreJack commented
    5 May, 2018 12:43pm

    +1, so critical for accurately translating overlays that are created in parts in an image editing package then exported piecemeal to OBS.

    Surely this is simply a matter of enabling the option when building from OBS source?

  • ShmilS commented
    14 Apr, 2018 12:07pm

    This is too important. I really like SLOBS but that's kind of a deal-breaker :(

  • MatchStickMelee commented
    7 Apr, 2018 08:43pm

    I very much agree. I'd like to use this software for my FGC activities, but without bounding boxes and centering, AND no Studio Mode to fix it with, my labels go all over the place when they change.

  • illusion927 commented
    31 Mar, 2018 02:14am

    This, very much of this! This particular feature should have been implemented from the get go, as not everyone wants their whole space behind them completely visible. -.-

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