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Trigger alert when "creating" a donation with the API


I am working on a service that will create an alert in the alert box, and also add a donation to the StreamLabs recent events list. My suggestion is that we should be able to trigger the original donation alert with the donations.create scope. Maybe an optional parameter in the post body which is default to false, but when set to true will actually trigger the alert for donations!

Maybe a stupid idea, but it would be good in my case. Creating an alert with the API is not as good looking as the "real" alert on StreamLabs.


Thank you.



I am stupid, it already exists.

  • Addemod
  • Feb 13 2017
  • Already exists
  • Addemod commented
    13 Feb, 2017 10:32pm

    Neeever mind. I am stupid. For some reason the alert didn't come up when I created the donation with the API. My bad!