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Streamlabs OBS cross platform

Since this is an electron wrapper, please do this cross platform! I will use the hell out of it if this comes to Linux

  • RedLionhead
  • Jan 5 2018
  • Alex Pskov commented
    11 Feb, 2019 07:03pm
    i need this...
  • RedLionhead commented
    25 Oct, 2018 12:17pm

    Any update on a Linux port for SLOBS?

  • Gamabunta33tv commented
    13 Sep, 2018 11:16pm

    Here kitty kitty kitty <3 come to Linux and we will have so much fun togheter <3

  • Ganome317 commented
    18 Aug, 2018 05:03pm

    I recently switched from my windows install running streamlabs to Ubuntu 18. 04 for LTS. OBS Studio does not cut it. Please make a Linux version.  

  • dreamcast88 commented
    26 Jun, 2018 09:22pm

    To be honest, streamlabs + OBS is just the advanced functionality of the classic OBS Studio editor, simple GUI installation (themes), its own theme for the main window, but the most important thing is synchronization with the account. (Unfortunately does not save the filter settings for the microphone). Please take care of porting this program for Linux!

  • imojen_ commented
    11 Jun, 2018 01:21pm

    Come to linux please! :)

  • shoutplenty commented
    30 May, 2018 02:46pm

    Linux please.

  • Cxpher_SG commented
    29 May, 2018 12:58am

    Linux please.

  • M16Rusher14 commented
    26 May, 2018 09:55pm

    i need this...

  • HobnobsX commented
    24 May, 2018 01:16pm

    This! Make this happen!

  • kingherring commented
    9 May, 2018 11:05pm

    PLEASE add this

  • NEET_FEET commented
    2 Apr, 2018 03:50pm

    Would be really nice if we saw linux support

  • MrBhoppy commented
    15 Mar, 2018 06:37am

    If this goes to Linux I will think about switching to it


  • Temple Pate commented
    1 Mar, 2018 07:53am

    Would also like to be able to use this on linux :) 

  • tuxdigital commented
    23 Feb, 2018 05:17pm

    I use OBS all the time but I only use Linux so Streamlabs is something I can even consider at this point.

  • ultimap12 commented
    22 Feb, 2018 07:39pm

    This is something I need. I'm a Linux user who doesn't want to have to use Windows for streaming and doesn't want to have to go to an alternative to Streamlabs, but there's no other viable alternative.

  • Gr4pevine_ commented
    19 Feb, 2018 06:46pm

    For sure, OBS is cross-platform so I'd love to see an alternative come to the platform (although I do love OBS too)!

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