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Streamlabs OBS for Mac

I stream using OBS Studio on Mac. I would love to give SLOBS a tryout on Mac. When you get Stream Deck integration launched, then it will be a no-brainer.

  • NeilJ99
  • Jan 7 2018
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  • Fawkes881 commented
    15 Apr, 2020 02:25am


  • joshdance commented
    14 Apr, 2020 05:51pm


  • CriterionGamesEA commented
    14 Apr, 2020 05:49pm

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  • BEWAREALIM commented
    25 Mar, 2020 04:50pm

    till this day we are still waiting for streamlabs to get on obs

  • Beemite commented
    22 Mar, 2020 04:56pm

    You Created a iPhone apps but no extension for Mac after two years? Please. This is needed.

  • Slenderpacman xD commented
    22 Mar, 2020 03:19pm

    Guys, just pls make the mac version happen! <3

  • zer0isyourdad commented
    19 Mar, 2020 04:46pm

    I would love for stream labs to be on mac i am about to start up a channel so it would really help out if there was a version for mac

  • lanapriscillahedgie commented
    16 Mar, 2020 11:40pm

    I totally agree that should make it for mac. I am a mac user and I was so hoping that steamlabs OBS would be on mac. Steamlabs,OBS make this happen pleeeease :D

  • DDaniii_ commented
    16 Mar, 2020 05:20pm

    It is alredy in beta you can request for beta here: [email protected]

  • Chicago Techno commented
    16 Mar, 2020 01:53am

    They obviously don't give a shit about OSX users.

  • Keerthi Chandan Jillepally commented
    13 Mar, 2020 11:32am

    Please consider to bring streamlabs for Mac users. Thank you.

  • Hacking Hollywood commented
    12 Mar, 2020 10:04pm

    Another voite here.

  • soerenvogelsang commented
    11 Mar, 2020 11:25am

    Is there any date "planned" so far? Summer, 2021, anything?

  • alanvitek commented
    21 Feb, 2020 05:20pm

    Add me to this list. With all the recent issues with OBS for Mac and Catalina... we need another alternative

  • TheGameFlinger commented
    18 Feb, 2020 08:11pm

    I'm surprised it's not out for mac yet, Streamlabs, what are you waiting for?!

  • DanDannLive commented
    11 Feb, 2020 12:45am


  • Daniel Arrowsmith commented
    14 Jan, 2020 02:08am

    This should be a priority. I am tired of having to switch between Mac and Windows using Boot Camp, just so I can use Streamlabs OBS.

  • Apple May Exist commented
    11 Jan, 2020 03:32am

    adding yet another name to the list, only 2 years later.

  • VM Family commented
    3 Jan, 2020 12:56pm

    I m Mac user please make it possible

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