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NDI Input. - Streamlabs OBS

While it would be great to be able to output NDI I would be more than happy with simply being able to input an NDI source. Us streamers that are currently using NDI to output just a gameplay source could continue using OBS or Xsplit to do so and have our streaming computers running the Streamlabs OBS to put everything together. This suggestion is really just a priority suggestion as if I could input NDI now I could wait for output much later. 

  • PixelTwitch
  • Jan 9 2018
  • maniacwall commented
    12 Oct, 2018 10:09am

    Really need this some everyone using 2 pc setup can use streamlabs, only thing stopping us is this not being available in community, have 9 other fellow streamers with the same reasons, please work on this asap

  • IVIatriz commented
    18 Mar, 2018 09:42am

    Need this please

  • Monger_Ops commented
    2 Feb, 2018 04:09am