Feature Suggestions

Allow CTRL/ALT/SHIFT to be hotkeys without an extra key

SLOBS Doesn't appear to let you select CTRL/ALT/SHIFT as a keybind option for settings such as Push to Talk, Push to Mute, etc. 

  • Gamarthz
  • Jan 17 2018
  • livetogame commented
    22 May, 2018 12:13am

    This is the only reason I have not used SLOBS.

  • ThePocketDimension commented
    8 May, 2018 11:59pm

    Totally agree with this. Not being able to use those keys has caused a fair amount of problems with my streaming (from comfort to technical issues). So much so that I'm going back to using OBS until such a time that this is resolved. I can't imagine why this is still a thing when according to an older user of SLOBS said you used to be able to use them, and despite this you rolled out a patch today and still no fix.