Feature Suggestions

Grant Discord role after X days/X lines of chat (mini-IFTTT)

To encourage engagement it would be great to be able to grant a Discord role after a user has been a Twitch follower (or on Discord) for X amount of days. Also, only apply the role if the user has X amount lines of chat with an X minimum characters.


Honestly, what's really needed is some basic IFTTT. Example:

If a user IS / IS NOT a follower on (Twitch / Discord / YouTube / Twitter)
and HAS MORE / LESS THAN X points
OR HAS WON / LOST 3 bets in a row
then (say in chat // award or remove X points // grant or remove Discord role)


I think this would allow for streamers to be able to do things like:

  • Run giveaways for ACTIVE participants. (Giveaway is open to anyone with certain Discord role)
  • Promote someone (Discord/Twitch) automatically after they've participated enough.
  • Grant awards for actions OTHER than tipping. Regulars are incredibly important to Streamers. (You've been an active chatter for a year! Here's 5000 bonus points!)
  • Grant a role for following on Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Grant a role for tipping. Oh, you tipped 1000 bits total? Here's another role.

I understand there are some technical hurdles. Like most people don't run the bot 24/7 (needed to get Twitch chat?). But VPS are cheap. No reason you couldn't. Especially for Streamers who make a living out of this kind of stuff. Also, if the bot fails to award or remove something, give the owner/EDITORs the ability to change it. (Oh, you have been really active. Bot must of missed it. Here's 30 days of the SUPERCOOLPEOPLE role on Discord).


These features don't need to necessarily be infallible. Most Streamers have mods who help out and could add/remove things as necessary but shouldn't ALWAYS be manual. The mindset of "We can't do it perfectly so we shouldn't do it at all" is not good for development of new features. Run a beta, include caveats, or requirements. Not everyone will use every feature. For those who can and want to, it'd be great if they were there.

  • TheToucanSam
  • Jan 17 2018