Feature Suggestions

different "prices" depending on role (e.g.: regular vs subs)

allow to easily set different prices for commands and sfx depending on role. Similarly to song request, allow a custom command or sfx to have a different cost based on role (regular, mod, subs, etc.)

  • dotburnz
  • Jan 18 2018
  • dotburnz commented
    22 Jan, 2018 01:31pm

    @PDsmokes can you elaborate? isn't the problem the same, you still have to drive the parameter to use from the role/group?

  • PDsmokes commented
    19 Jan, 2018 06:50pm

    You can do that with creating a command that everyone can use. Then make it read a txt file in which you create some arguements.


    I did this before the gambling feature was implemented and easy to set up. I needed 2 seperate Txt files in which i had 4 lines of code in one and 2 in the other for it to work properly.



    I have not looked much into groups. But i believe that you could do this with that