Feature Suggestions

On alert list, a donation of an item from the wish list doesn'tnt show the money, but the item and the money in brackets.

When someone donated an item from my wish list a few days ago, I didn't realise it was an item from my wish list because I didn't watch the actual alert appear.


I saw the donation come in, heard the alert and saw the donation amount on the recent events list. However, you cannot tell it was an item purchased from the wish list without checking the wish list, the person telling you, or watching the alert appear on OBS. 


If this could show in the recent events as the item FIRST with the amount (possibly in brackets), it would be twice as easy to immediately recognise that someone bought X from your wish list for you.



NoHopeNoCure donated Halo Wars 2: Ultimate edition ($80.97) "Enjoy Chris :D"


instead of how it looks now: 

NoHopeNoCure donated $80.97 "Enjoy Chris :D"

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  • Feb 23 2017