Feature Suggestions

Option to "Interact" with sources

Add the option to interact with sources, just like you can on standard OBS. This allows you to log into services if you've added them as a browser source, meaning you can use overlays and services via Streamlabs rather than having to display capture (which wouldn't work for sources with transparent backgrounds). 

  • StumpyGoblin
  • Jan 23 2018
  • KenRodriguez1969 commented
    7 Aug, 2019 10:47pm

    We desperately need this feature but why has there been zero responses from SLOBS developers or Admins?

  • Vlad Kainfer commented
    10 Feb, 2019 07:14pm

    Whats the use of this suggestions forums if I see people been askign for this since the software was out. IT seems it was removed at one time? Back to X plit

  • Arcade Team Retro commented
    7 Jan, 2019 05:50am

    this option is necessary to be able to create facebook alerts

  • erkzz commented
    26 Nov, 2018 06:03pm

    Put a button to interact with the Source Browser to log in to facebook and be able to use alerts

  • Matt&Fam commented
    19 Nov, 2018 07:49am

    please add this! We need it

  • JZ3K commented
    5 Nov, 2018 05:05am

    I also need this feature for my music player. I have to use OBS proper to make my stream work 

  • FOBradio commented
    1 Nov, 2018 12:48am

    I agree, this is a crucial tool for certain streamers, especially for Game-reviews and VOD-casts.

    The option to "interact" with Web Sources is supremely necessary, to the point where I would suggest even making an interact button somewhere in the software that is ready to interact with whatever is selected, even videos and slideshows... but the essential is Web Sources.


    I keep using OBS with the competition's addon because at least "interact" option is not disabled for Web Sources... you really need it StreamLabs, I would constantly use SLOBS if it had "interact "enabled

  • hydrasesport commented
    1 May, 2018 03:15pm

    I'm all ears for this since i develop small HTML5 tools for our streams to show snippets fades/wipes and live scores etc etc. please let us have back the possibility to interact with browser sources and ill be a happypappi again...