Feature Suggestions

Active Run-Date for Commands

When you have a lot of commands, you easily drown in it. Further more, you have commands that's only active for certain streams / periods. Some you wanna save after those periods, others you don't.

It could be amazing, if you could create a command with "active days count". Say its enabled from this date to this date, and then gets disabled - until you enable it again.

This feature will without a doubt help those streamers with a lot of commands, who run varied commands for varied situation/gameplays. Those that run deals through commands can easily sort out their advertisement, not having to suddenly worry about disabling a "Games on Sale" command in time. If you run a charity or drive stream and implement certain commands, you can set it to disable after the stream period.

There is without a doubt a lot more situations where this feature would improve the experience.

  • DelusiveTrickster
  • Jan 23 2018