Feature Suggestions

Linux Integration for Chatbot

Right now you have to start the chatbot everytime you stream from your desktop and you have to keep it running on your PC the whole time.

If you want an easier access and all the potential of your PC without an chatbot using a part of it or if you want to keep the chatbot running, when you don't stream and you aren't using your computer, you have to use a server.


So far so good, but right now the chatbot is only avaiable for windows and the most uses servers are running on linux. So why not adding an integration for linux and the possibility to use the chatbot in linux, maybe even by adding a Weboannel for better usage?


Thats what I ask for.

  • GoldenDragonplay
  • Jan 25 2018
  • OmegaDarkMage commented
    05 Jan 06:19

    I for one would love having this available for Ubuntu at least.