Feature Suggestions

Integrate Streamlabs OBS and Streamlabs Chat bot into one program

I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this yet but I think that having Streamlabs OBS and Streamlabs chatbot all in one program would make streaming so much more fluid and ingaging. Streamlabs OBS has such a quick stream set up time and the chatbot allows for a higher level of chat interaction that mixing the two just makes sence. Being able to see alerts clearly, control the bot, song requests, chat games/ giveaways, have access to our full Streamlabs dashboard, all from one program,that would be a dream stream set up. Now it might be a bit clunky at first but I think that Streamlabs can pull it off. They've made some amazing progress on all their programs and if they can take that success and consolidate it all into one program, there's no denying that it would be the best streaming program on the market.

  • DobbytheBLKElf
  • Jan 27 2018