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Streamlabs Obs output to a virtual directshow Webcam!

Streamlabs Obs output to a virtual directshow device to use with Skype or Discord.

Samples from xsplit.

  • Tweaky
  • Jan 28 2018
  • GamingWithShaurya commented
    5 Aug 05:44am

    According to recent changelog of streamlabs (https://streamlabs.com/changelog) it is added but not sure how to enable it

  • themdrnsamurai commented
    7 Jul 12:20pm

    It's pretty crazy that with all the $$$ pumped into SLOBS we can't get this feature. I can only assume at this point it is a deliberate choice to force us to only use it for Twitch etc. That's fine... but be open about that :)

  • Jamie Gillespie commented
    7 Jul 07:14am

    I can't use Streamlabs without this feature, as I need to output to other software regularly (e.g. Zoom)

  • SgtBombadil commented
    27 Jun 03:30am

    Items with just 5 votes are in Planned status but this just sits here... #SadPanda I really want to make the transition to Streamlabs OBS for everything! Thanks.

  • Sami Tounsi TV قناة سامي التونسي commented
    22 Jun 12:43am

    please do it very importent thanks

  • ItsDaveMars commented
    9 Jun 06:30pm


  • TOE_Lamy commented
    28 May 03:58pm

    Is this comisng?

  • Oleg Delosgatos commented
    23 May 08:25pm


  • mr_bele commented
    17 May 05:18pm
    i wish this goona come soon 
  • mr_bele commented
    17 May 05:18pm


  • DelayedVictory commented
    15 May 12:57pm

    Really need this for my projects, pleae implement, love the rest!

  • Casey Dwyer commented
    15 May 12:54pm

    Using an output projector is a decent workaround, but the feed comes out choppy when using it via Screenshare (or Present, in Google Meet). Would love to see this added to SLOBS without the need for a plugin!

  • GreenMagicYoga commented
    5 May 06:54pm

    this is now becoming available in OBS for Mac. Caan you add it in:


  • Jonathan Corwin commented
    27 Apr 03:16pm

    Hmm, I wish I'd known this wasn't possible before I setup SLOBS! Back to OBS then :(

    I co-ordinate a livestream with remote people via Skype and need to be able to show them the stream output live, rather than after the livestream platform delay.

  • PandaProper commented
    7 Apr 10:01pm

    This would be super helpful at times.

  • d3moss0 commented
    19 Mar 03:56pm


  • Chuzz Bot commented
    9 Nov, 2019 06:47am

    SO, plenty of effort going into cynical money grabs at SLOBS , actual usable improvements like this...not so much. I'm wondering why I signed up for this, SLOBS takes more than it gives. Maybe time to go back to the legit OBS and stop wasting time with this scam.

  • Fouchington commented
    6 Nov, 2019 04:54am

    how is this still not available in SLOBS? Please get this feature going.

  • SJG Perspective commented
    26 Oct, 2019 02:35am

    I literally now have to move back to OBS after setting all my beautiful scenes up in SLOBS. So disappointing.

  • RandomHost commented
    6 Oct, 2019 09:50pm

    This is one of the (missing) features which makes me go back to regular OBS every now and then when I do web video chats and want the power of OBS for chroma keying and setting up proper scenes.


    It doesn't have to be a core feature but I'd really like to have a way to get it done somehow and with proper performance.

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