Feature Suggestions

Granular donation requirement settings to combat abuse

Since Streamlabs support a Twitch auth requirement for donations, it would help a lot with more anti-abuse measures with requirements such as Twitch account must be older than x months to donate. Mainly to deal with abusive usernames in donation alerts—but possibly other alerts like follows, subscriptions, and hosts, which would still show up in some stream overlays. On top of people setting up sock puppets to continue their abuse.

Other possible optional requirements could be:

* Minimum number of channels followed

* Must have Twitch e-mail/account verified

And so on, but account age is the biggest and simplest measure. It would make a huge difference and curb a lot of new Twitch users created specifically to annoy or harass people (spoilers in usernames etc).

  • Cygnatus
  • Feb 1 2018