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Logitech ChromaCam support

Streamlabs team, 

Please add support for Logitech ChromaCam to SLOBS.  Why is this useful?  A lot of streamers have Logitech webcams with built-in ChromaCam (background removal) software.  Rather than have streamers use other third party software, which also may or may not be supported by SLOBS, why not just include it?  OBS started work on it and support there was shotty.  Other streaming platforms also have limited support, but to my knowledge no one has jumped on board and completely integrated ChromCam support.  It would further separate SLOBS from the rest of the crowd, make it a one-stop-shop, and improve the quality of streamers using your platform.  Thank for the time and consideration of the support.



  • scain2004
  • Feb 2 2018