Feature Suggestions

Integrate the twitch extenstion overlay with streamlabs chatbot

I was previously using Ankhbot for my chat bot, which I loved for the polls, giveaways and music player integration.  And now use the streamlabs chatbot version.

I have also started using the new streamlabs overlay extension in twitch which also has polls, giveaways and music control.

However, these 2 systems do not talk to each other - can I start a poll in the chatbot system which will show on the twitch extension?  Or a giveaway?

It would be good to allow viewers to enter polls, giveaways, music either through the chat (for mobile users) and the extension (for desktop users) so everyone watching (on any device) can participate.

Please can you sync the chatbot and extension overlay so that things I do in one show up in the other.

  • FuzzyLogicTV
  • Feb 2 2018