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The ability to select multiple audio tracks to be recorded. Merged

It would work like the vanilla OBS in the fact that you can select multiple audio tracks to be recorded while in the output menu. It would benefit the people who want to record multiple audio tracks at the same time to make it easier in the editing process that find when they were recording, lets say the game volume was to loud and they want to turn it down without recording to a separate software that only records your audio

  • Lownickle
  • Feb 3 2018
  • Shipped
  • Fakiee commented
    25 Jul, 2018 11:24am
  • midninBR commented
    17 Jul, 2018 01:27pm

    Yes, separated audio tracks so we can edit our recorded videos

  • GeorgeThePanda commented
    10 May, 2018 02:22am

    Definitely needed.  When you try to select tracks to record for audio, the drop down selection menu only lets you pick one track. On OBS studio this is not an issue with the lay out they have used. A fix for this would be very nice!!