Feature Suggestions

Leaderboard Extension - Remove People

It would be really useful if this feature was added. There is a bit donator and long-term subscriber on my leaderboard who is now banned from my channel. I can't have the extension enabled without the ability to remove that person. 

  • RoseRainblood
  • Feb 6 2018
  • ScottyBoiV commented
    29 Jul, 2019 10:55pm

    Commanderroot, treyy, and lurx are all bots and the top 3 on my leaderboard and i dont want them on there, every time I see their names it pisses me off, they dont deserve my good boy points

  • Jinsei88 commented
    8 Jul, 2019 10:54am

    yeah I am also tired of seeing bots level up ... I wanna talk to real people q.q Everytime again I am like oh someone leveled up! Grats to .... wait nvm ... bot1234 -.-

  • ScorsiFr commented
    4 Jul, 2019 08:02am

    Agreed, I have 3 bots on my top 3 viewers... Very annoying...

  • ExitxDonut commented
    14 May, 2019 10:14pm

    Just here to agree with this... its real annoying seeing a bot channel on some of my tabs