Feature Suggestions

Add equipement to Heists / Boss Battles (And a shop?)

So yea, we could add an item system to the minigames, especially Boss Battle and Heists. It would make the games less repetitive and give a goal to the players. As a streamer, exactly like I can create bosses, I could create items like "A Sword, Cost: 100 / Bonus attack: 5 / Bonus defense: 0 / Bonus dodge: 0 / Bonus HP: 0" or "Wooden helmet" for a few coins and add a command like !buy Sword to buy the sword and !sell Sword to remove the sword


oh and a limit of why not 3 items per player


It's pretty "simple" to understand, yet I'm sure it's a lot of work to createt, but it would be so cool to see implemented!


My viewers tends to think that this game has potential but lacks some kind of "goal", it's good for a very large audience streamer with maybe 200+ viewers where minigames are minimal and it would get messy to have everyone do commands in-chat, but for smaller channels, the potential is incredible to entertain viewers more <3

  • LeCanadienAlexo
  • Feb 14 2018